Mateusz and Paweł Ciasnocha represent the third generation of farmers managing a 700ha regenerative farm located in Żuławy Wiślane. The brothers founded European Carbon Farmers out of a passion to develop regenerative farming at the pace and scale necessary to release the world’s largest source of carbon capture and storage: a healthy and living agricultural soil.

Mission of European Carbon Farmers is to put every European farmer at the heart of the mitigation effort. What drives us is the vision that in the near future the agricultural sector in the EU will be fully carbon regulated. In this scenario, if you are a farmer that emits greenhouse gases, you will have to pay for what you emit. If we were to find ourselves in such a scenario, most European households would be forced to go bankrupt. This is the scenario we are trying to prevent.

We encourage farmers to change their farming practices from conventional to regenerative using the agricultural carbon credit mechanism so that farmers are proactively prepared for the entry into force of emission regulations for their industry.

You are warmly invited to participate in our agricultural carbon credit monetization program by undertaking an assessment of your farm’s emission level using our calculator available here.

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